North Star Camp for Boys

Thursday, November 11, 2010

NSC Chicago Reunion Sets a Record

This past Sunday saw one of the off-season hallmarks, the North Star Chicago Reunion. With many of our families in either the suburban Chicago area or on the city itself, there is always a great turnout, and this year was no different. We gathered at the Takiff Center (formerly the Glencoe Community Center), enjoying the newly renovated facilities.

The reunion is always a great opportunity to catch up with camp folks. While it feels like late summer these days, its hard to realize that almost three months have passed since second session ended back on August 13th. So there was reason for all the excitement as everyone saw their camp friends, caught up, and shared news. Sue was diligent taking down news bits and we've got lots of info to share in the upcoming Siren, not just from Chicago, but from all of our reunions.

Then it was time for what everyone had been waiting for... the Chicago premier of "The Summer of 2010", the video made by Joe Riccitelli. As per usual, the video was great. Joe again traveled from Rhode Island to be at the reunion, but he wasn't the only one who traveled to the reunion. Dan Riemersman came from the Univ of Iowa, John Sheehan and Brant Schrage came from U of IL, Jon Weiss flew in with Leb and Andy from Cleveland, Jordan Santo came up from St. Louis and Trevor Van Laanen came from school in Wisconsin.

And yes, we did sent a new North Star record. After the reunion Leb and Sue take all of the staff and prospective CITs out to dinner. With a large CIT group and a few alumni in tow, the folks at Fuddruckers were pros at dealing with our large group. Several CITs and at least one JC attempted the various one pound burgers on the menu, however I don't believe that any were successful. The record that was set...the bill for all food. There were, however, Fuddruckers punch cards. Needless to say, Leb and Andy are going to get their fair share burgers on the road.