North Star Camp for Boys

Thursday, June 23, 2011

NSC Catches Bieber Fever

For tonight's evening program, we decided to unlock the potential of our supremely talented campers. The result: Bieber Fever!

We announced that tonight's evening program was going to be a skit show in Mike Hall, and each cabin was going to put on a performance for our judges. Each cabin was given some time to prepare before they put on their best work in front of camp.

First up was cabin I-6, who did their best dancing and singing to Justin Bieber's hit single "Baby," while also adding in a couple of gymnastics moves. Next up was cabin I-4, dancing and singing to the tune of "Baby" by Justin Bieber. They performed a very well-choreographed routine which involved "rocking the baby" and then holding their arms over their head in the shape of an "O" corresponding perfectly to the lyrics.

Next up was cabin J-2,  who came out in their hooded sweatshirts and performed solo acts to the song (wait for it...) "Baby" by Justin Bieber! These guys chose to perform solo acts by each verses, and it was clear that even our youngest cabins have this song memorized.

From there we heard a little Katy Perry, a few YouTube sensation knockoffs, and even a Lady Gaga remix, but it was clear that North Star has succumbed to Bieber Fever.