North Star Camp for Boys

Monday, June 27, 2011

Porcupine Mountains Hiking Trip Report

Cabins S-1 and S-2 are now back from their hiking trips through the Porcupine Mountains! With their return comes a special guest blog from tripper Kacy Lebby, sharing a trip report and some great pictures.

We left Thursday morning, it was 55 degree and raining as we headed up to the Porcupine Mountains in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The second day we hiked eight miles along the beautiful (but buggy) Little Carp River slowly but surely making our way closer to Lake Superior. As the day progressed the clouds began to lift, and just as we reached Lake Superior the sky was cloudless. We laid, played and hung out on the beach on this beautiful afternoon while our things dried out from the previous day and half. Our third day we had a lay over day where we slept in and cooked M&M pancakes. The kids enjoyed the short two mile hike to the Shinning Cloud Falls and meeting up with the other cabin, S2. That night we had a wonderful fire on the beach and slept directly on the shores of Lake Superior. The next day we hiked along the shore for several miles, then spent several miles in a boggy and muddy mess. The group kept up their spirits by singing songs- Sweet Caroline and All Star to name a few - while our hiking boots sloshed in the thick Michigan mud. Our final day involved a 2-mile uphill hike to finish the trip. It is safe to say that the first session backpacking trip was a huge success, and one that those involved in will surely not forget!
Both cabins had a blast on the hiking trip! Thanks to our counselors and trippers for making the experience a special one!