North Star Camp for Boys

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Things Kids Say

Two keylogs from tonight's Friday night's service:

"To my friends and counselors who have made 
North Star a home I never want to leave."
-Eli G, 8 years old
1st year camper

"North Star is the key to happiness."
-Kyle V.,  11 years old
2nd year camper

We have had a great first week of second session, and there's no better way to demonstrate that than with the words of the campers themselves. Every Friday night we head out to the Council Ring for our Friday Night Service, a values based campfire program. One of the parts of this service is the keylog ceremony, where every camper has the opportunity to throw a stick into the fire and share something he is thankful for. The quotes above are two of the keylogs from this evening's service, and these are just two of the well over 100 keylogs like them that were given tonight. 

These words were spoken amidst the background of a campfire program about being yourself and helping others. It fit very well after seeing so many young new campers spend the week settling in, making friends and growing comfortable with their home away from home. Junior Village Director Andy Rodheim told a wonderful story recalling his first week as a camper when he was homesick, and told us how his counselors refused to give up on him and refused to stop caring no matter how many tears he cried. It was amazing to see as he is now one of our great staff members helping the latest generation of campers make that transition to camp. Andy also spoke of how camp is a place where we can all be simultaneously learning and teaching. By being ourselves, we can teach others many things without ever meaning to, and just by watching we can learn so much.

We are less than a week into second session, and one thing we have already learned from this group we could not be more proud of  our campers and staff!