North Star Camp for Boys

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Around the Campfire is Coming!

The Greatest Multi-Camp Reunion in History is Almost Here!
Help Camp For All Kids by Participating:
In just  two and a half weeks, we’re throwing a party.  A big one.  With more entertainment than the staff show.  With more food than a cabin pizza party.  And with more anticipation than the bus trip up to camp.

We’ve put together a fundraiser for Camp For All Kids that combines the spirit of our former camp days with one great afternoon/evening of activities and socializing – all at one of the most beautiful day camp facilities on Chicago’s North Shore.

And to cap off the day, the special evening entertainment will be a campfire concert by Noel Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul and Mary.

Please join us on Saturday, September 10th from 1-8pm on the grounds of Banner Day Camp in Lake Forest, IL.  We hope you and your family can attend.
This year is Leb’s 40th anniversary at North Star.  We would like to honor him with a big turnout and a big fundraising triumph.  To reach our goals, we are asking your help to raise money so that we can assure the future of Camp For All Kids.  Just a few minutes of your time right now can create life-changing camp scholarships for deserving boys and girls.

We need to raise a lot of money. And the best way you can help is to create a personal fundraising page so your family and friends can donate to this life-changing organization.

Just by creating your fundraising page and starting it off with a donation of $50.00,  you can attend the entire event!

Please link right now to  and follow these easy steps:

1. Visit the North Star Camp team page at
2. Click the blue "Join this Team" button (below the list of team members), complete the registration form and customize your fundraising page.

3. Make a contribution of $50.00 or more to YOUR fundraising page.

4. Send your fundraising page link to your family and friends.  By setting up your personal fundraising page and emailing the link to your family and friends, we are confident you will raise a significant amount of money for Camp for All Kids.

Or if you’d prefer only to make a generous contribution and/or attend the event, visit and click the red “Donate Here” button on the right side.

We hope to see you at the reunion.  It’s a beautiful setting that can accommodate a variety of activities, rain or shine.

Your participation means a lot to the next generation of campers.  We look forward to hearing from you.

On behalf of the North Star Alumni,

NSC Camp for All Kids Board Members:
  Brad Dreyfus
  Mark Holz
  Joe Mendes
  Paul Nathanson
  Rob Porter
  Ben Sher
  Mike Simons

P.S.  If you have signed up or contributed already, THANK YOU!  If you haven’t registered yet, please sign up right away so we can guarantee your reservation to the event. After you have started your fundraising page register for tickets at

P.P.S.  If you are a former NSC President or Vice President, please start your page as a member of the NSC Past Pres/VPs Team Page or donate to the page.  We will receive a matching grant if this team raises at least $10,000.  Visit: