North Star Camp for Boys

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Forty years ago I stepped off the plane in Minneapolis and drove three hours to North Star. When I got there I thought that I had arrived in heaven and couldn't believe how beautiful it was. I still think it's one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Three summers later, while working as a counselor, all the other guys were very busy trying to impress the beautiful new nurse. I waited and waited, and 8 years later that beautiful nurse became my wife. Sue "da Nurse" has been by my side ever since.

Well, two kids and a grandchild later it became time to step aside to ensure the continuity of the North Star Community.  Andy arrived on the scene as a young camper and as he "worked" his way through the system it became obvious to Sue and I that he has the same love, care and compassion for North Star as we do. More importantly, his emphasis on the campers and ensuring a safe and nurturing community would leave Sue and I with a sense of peace that North Star will be in good hands for future generations.

We announced Andy’s position as co-director in August with the goal of transitioning the ownership to Vickie and him. The speed at which we were able to complete the transaction is a testament to the comfort we feel in his ability to continue the wonderful camping traditions that were started by Lou and Renee Rosenblum in 1945.

The transition is now complete, and Sue and I want to be the first to publicly congratulate Andy and Vickie and wish them the best of luck and good health in their careers as camp owners and directors. We hope they have as much fun as Sue and me. We hope they have as many wonderful relationships with kids, counselors and parents as we have enjoyed over the past 40 years.

Sue and I will be there for years to come to lend our help and support. We're looking forward to the initiatives and great ideas that we know will come with the enthusiasm and love for camp that they bring to North Star.

The North Star is shining brightly, we're proud to continue with Andy and Vickie.

We also want to wish the entire North Star community a Happy and Healthy New Year. We are looking forward to the North Star’s 68th summer in 2012!

Carry on,

Leb and Sue