North Star Camp for Boys

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Staff Spotlight: Benji Pfeffer

Benji Pfeffer returns to camp from Deerfield, IL. He is a sophomore at DHS and is on the school junior varsity swim team. He’s from a very large family and they visit each other quite regularly. He’s also an avid reader, and when he has some downtime, he can be found enjoying a good book. 

One of our Counselors in Training, Benji loves sports, particularly outdoor sports and he’s looking forward to instructing athletics and swimming this summer.

More about Benji:

Favorite tv show: The Walking Dead

Best place you've ever traveled to: Israel

Sports team that you root for: Chicago Blackhawks

Favorite camp meal:
Thanksgiving dinner. yummmm

Favorite spot at camp: Fun Bug swing

Favorite all camp/special program to do at camp:
Glenn's game

Earliest camp memory or notable camp memory:
Getting all locations in Glenn's game

If you had a super hero power, what would it be: To make money

Best Hanukkah present that you've ever gotten:
xbox 360/ Brent Seabrook jersey

Preferred chicken nugget dip: Buffalo or Chili

There's nothing to see here, folks!