North Star Camp for Boys

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Staff Spotlight: Ryan Ward

We assume that Ryan is one of the two coaches
Ryan Ward comes to us from Northampton in England, however we’ve been told that Matt Rixon (who also hails from the area) and Ryan do not know each other. Ryan is currently a student at Edge Hill University where he is studying Sport and Exercise Science. 

Ryan also also works at a leisure center where he is a lifeguard. He was a competitive swimmer and used to compete in triathlons. He’s now focusing his energy on squash, badminton and handball.We're glad to have Ryan aboard for his first summer as a cabin counselor and swim instructor.

More about Ryan

Favorite TV show: Has to be the medical and such subtle wit genius of House.

Best place you've ever traveled to: Probably the island of Turk and Caicos when I was younger. Very beautiful and relaxing.

Sports team that you root for: Seeing as i'm not a big participator in team sports I guess it'd have to be team GB as a whole. (We'll assume that he means Great Britain... but I'm sure that Andy will try to convert him to being a Green Bay fan as well)

How did you learn about North Star and why did you apply: I applied through an agency called Camp Leaders from which North Star directors contacted me offering me a position of which I happily accepted.

What did you do last summer: Despite my attempts, I ended up having a standard summer working as a Lifeguard at my local leisure centre.

What noteworthy/menial/random job(s) have you previously held: Working as a paintball marshal was pretty awesome.

What, if any previous camp experiences have you had: Unfortunately none.

If you had a super hero power, what would it be: I would love invisibility or flight. As super powers go, I wouldn't be to fussed if I didn't get my first choice.

Best Christmas present that you've ever gotten: My gameboy colour when I was a kid, without a doubt! Oh if only I could count the hours I spent on that thing.

Preferred chicken nugget dip: I'm weird and don't like ketchup, so i'm going to say cheese. Everything goes with cheese.

Ryan has promised that his chess set will fit in his luggage