North Star Camp for Boys

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Staff Spotlight: Isaac Lasko

Junior Counselor Isaac Lasko resides in Highland Park, IL where he is a junior at Highland Park High School. This will be his 7th summer at camp and his 2nd on staff. Amongst the many things that he does at camp are waterskiing, riflery and tennis. He’ll also be found on sailing and climbing.

Over the past six months he’s been learning how to play the piano and is planning on bringing his piano accordion to camp.We're looking forward to the addition of his musical talents!

More About Isaac:

Favorite TV Show: Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Best Place I've Traveled to: Canada Boundary Waters

Sports Team You root for: Chicago Teams!

Whats your favorite Camp Meal: Fourth of July Breakfast

Favorite Spot at Camp: The Villa (Senior Village)

Your favorite all-camp program: Pow Wow Day

What's your earliest Camp Memory: Wacky Introductory Skits on the first day

Notable camp memory: The Canadian

If I had a superhero power: Telekinesis

Whats your best Hanukkah present: Desktop Mac Computer, Don't know what id do without it

Preferred Chicken Nugget Dip: Ranch