North Star Camp for Boys

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NSC March Madness

Once again its time for all North Star people, past, present and future to join the NSC March MadnessChallenge. If you're a current or future camper, staff or NSC alum or a parent of any of those, you're encouraged to participate. There is no cost to participate and winner gets a wanegan of his or her choice, to be redeemed at camp, during the summer of 2013.

...In true North Star tradition, this is not a competitive thing so even if you don't know much about college basketball, you should still join. As you'll see with the log-in info below, we're using again this year. We hope this does not offend some of the various NSC alums who work for other media outlets. Here are the links and log-in information:

Direct Link to group -
ESPN March Madness Front Page -
Group: The Council Ring
Password: Keylog

If you have any problems logging in, let us know. If you do not have an account, you are going to have to register before you can join. It is free of charge (you do not need ESPN Insider)

A few things. First off, please forward this to any and all North Star people. We want to make sure that as many North Star people as possible are included. We know that a lot of our current campers and staff will enjoy seeing as lots of alumni participate. Don't worry about sending this to someone who may have gotten it already.

If you choose to join in, please put your name and perhaps even the years you attended North Star within your bracket name or entry info. Feel free to be creative, but it will be nice for people to see some names and know who all is involved.

One entry per person, please.

You are able to sign-up now. You can fill out your brackets any time after selection Sunday and before tip-off on March 21st (you do not need to fill out brackets before the play-in game).

There is also a second March Madness that we want everyone to know about. The Camp For All Kids Foundation is having their 2nd annual March Madness competition. CFAK helps send kids in need to camp and is the organization that is responsible for bringing scholarship kids to camp. There CFAK MarchMadness is a great fundraiser aimed at making camp possible for more kids. Find that fundraiser here:

As always a big quick keylog to Doug Willson who opened up his Crunch Island Challenge to North Star guys many Marchs ago.

Keep those fires burning!

Past Winners:
2012: Charles Eisner
2011 - Zach Garfinkel (
2010 - Alex Sharrin
2009 - Peter Tauber
2008 - Eli fried
2007 - Kenny Grider
2006 - Jeff Schrager
2005 - Alexander W Heldman