North Star Camp for Boys

Monday, June 24, 2013

Camp in the Words of a First Year Counselor

One of our first year counselors took some time to sit down and write a poem about camp. Zach isn't an English major... he's actually been majoring in engineering while on the wrestling team at Western New England University in Massachusetts. He's a football and pathfinders instructor for us and his poem really captures what we hope is the essence of camp.

This North Star Camp has changed my life
From sports and games to campfire nights
From campers here with cheerful smiles 
to all the friends I've made this while
and people outside just passing by
See a lake and trees and birds that fly
these passerbys though, miss whats here
Its not about the playful cheers
Its not about some guys we've met
or one silly tune we might forget
life here at camp is about true friends
a destiny of brothers that are here till the end
a loving home out here I've found
I now have family all around
and this one short poem just won't suffice
to show how much North Star has changed my life
- Zach Bantle, J1 Counselor