North Star Camp for Boys

Friday, July 12, 2013

Those Fires Keep Burning

There's still plenty of camping left, but as we get ready to wrap up the 1st session, I wanted to share this letter I just received from one our alumni, Ross Temkin. It is just another great example of how the North Star experience lives on far beyond the summer!
I just returned from a 12 day trip abroad to Israel through Taglit-Birthright. It was an amazing experience, full of hiking mountains, swimming in waterfalls, exploring new (and very very old) cities, trying amazing middle eastern foods, and best of all, getting to know 10 Israelis that spent the entire 12 days with my group of 46 Americans.

My group consisted of 46 recent graduates and young professionals, between the ages of 22-26, all living in the Chicagoland area. One of those 46 people just happened to be an NSC brother of mine, Adam (or better known at North Star as AJ) Bayard. AJ wasn't just someone I went to camp with. AJ was my "big brother" at North Star, talking to me before camp started, and answering any questions I had from then on. That was in 2001. In 2004 AJ also became my counselor. The trio of counselors that Summer led to possibly the most memorable Summer of my childhood.

The bonds I made at North Star still hold strong and true to this day. The instant reconnection and friendship between AJ and I on Birthright made the trip all that much more amazing and, just like my summers at North Star, something I will never forget. Hope this Summer is full of as much fun as could possibly be,

Keep those fires burning,

Ross Temkin