North Star Camp for Boys

Friday, November 1, 2013

Recycle your Halloween Costumes...Send them to Camp

At North Star, we make good use of costumes!
So Halloween is over, which probably means that you've made a dent in the top tier candy and are now ready to see Christmas displays on your next trip to Target. While we are doing our best to get the folks at Reese's to make a peanut butter cup equivalent with sun butter, we do have have a solution to one problem... what to do with those costumes. 

If by chance you're left with a costume that you don't want to throw away and won't fit by next Halloween, it doesn't have to go to waste. Recycle it and send it to camp! We like wearing costumes at camp. We wear costumes for our musical. We wear costumes for the Guten Gallop and our skits. Heck, we wear costumes for no reason at all. So if you want to add to our selection of costumes, we promise it won't go to waste.

If you've got a costume to recycle, hold onto it for now. Stash it in your son's duffle bag, which are probably tucked away in a closet somewhere. Before you know it, it'll be June, you'll dust off those duffles and lo and behold, you'll find that costume that you had forgotten about. Send it to the Northwoods and we'll make sure that it gets to the NSC props room. 

Just remind your son to give the costume to a counselor when he's unpacking...otherwise he may end up wearing that costume as part of his regular camp wardrobe... not that thats a problem.