North Star Camp for Boys

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Normal Day in the Northwoods

I don't know if there is such a thing as a normal day at North Star, but I wanted to catch everyone up to speed on the program thus far. It has been very busy since the boys arrived on Sunday afternoon. We've done swim tests, physicals, village activities and challenge games. We had All-Camp Capture the Flag, the Introductory Staff Show, and organized free periods. We've taught the boys our camp rules, they've made their cabin rules and they've learned the important procedures around camp. They've learned fun camp games like continuous dodgeball, tush ball and tetherball. And they've learned cabin games like mafia, spoons (or tongues), Egyptian Ratscrew and more card games galore. But as of today (Tuesday), it was time for our first typical day.

Just after breakfast this morning, the campers received their first schedules of the session. They submitted their Activity Picks on Sunday Night and Dan and Kim spent the last two days ensuring that every camper received his perfect schedule. This morning after cabin clean-up, as we hit another perfect 80 degree day in the Northwoods (with 50-degree overnight sleeping weather) it was time to hit the fields, lake and courts. We don't waste any time here, not just because every moment at camp is precious, but it's vital to get the campers in to a routine. Moreover, for campers that are still getting adjusted to life at camp, getting into the program finds them learning new skills, having success on the program and perhaps most importantly, having fun. You can read more about the schedule of a Typical Day.

Our day was actually started early as cabins S1 and S2 headed off on their hiking trip on the Superior Trail in Minnesota. Our S4 cabin also departed on the Brule River. We also had a great 4th period slate of challenge games. For fourth period challenges, we let one guy from each cabin come up to the microphone during announcements and challenge the other cabin to a sport or activity. It is a always a funny time at camp, and it helps ensure that no camper leaves here with a fear of public speaking. We ended the day with our staff introduction show, where Joe and Max conducted a Jimmy Fallon-esque talk show to show of our staff and their talents to the boys.