North Star Camp for Boys

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Staff Spotlight - Oliver Rockman

My name is Oliver Rockman and I am beyond excited to be back at camp for my thirteenth summer! I am from Omaha, Nebraska, and am soon to be a graduate of Emory University in Atlanta. At camp, I am a village director and spend a lot of time at the Riflery range. At night, Nick Kasle and I have often been the victims of some shady shuffling by Brody Poss, Sam Bricker's frequent Euchre partner. I'm already counting the days until the summer starts!

More about Oliver

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why:
I haven't seen the new Jungle Book, but I would like to be a tiger with the voice of Idris Elba.

What is your favorite cartoon Character:
Sterling Archer

Where is your favorite spot at camp:
Senior Village Campsites

What is your dream Job:
Tour Guide in Italy

If you had a super hero power, what would it be:
Super speed. Or at least enough speed to be clearly faster than Sam Bricker, at the moment it's pretty much a dead heat.

What is the best Christmas/Hanukkah present that you've ever gotten:
A trip to London to see my grandfather

What is your preferred chicken nugget dip:
BBQ Sauce

What are your top three movies of all time:
The Godfather, Borat and Interstellar

What's your go-to pie at the Norske Nook:
Fudge Pecan

What is a little Known fact about yourself:
I write left-handed but do almost everything else righty. Except layups. I'm also much better at left-handed layups. Not good at them, just better than with the right.

Share one notable camp memory:
Leaving camp after my final summer as a camper. It was 2009 and didn't think I would be back the next year, let alone in 2016!