North Star Camp for Boys

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

First Week Update

It is hard to believe that it has been over a week since the busses pulled up and the first session of summer 2016 began.  Now that we have finally settled into the camp routine, it is time for an update of how the session is going. 

We began our summer long Green vs. White competition on Sunday.  Green vs. White is where the entire camp is divided into two teams that compete in various sports and events throughout the summer.  This includes an all camp relay race marathon on the fourth of July. 

On Sunday night, we had our first cabin campfire of the summer.  Cabin campfires are a weekly opportunity for the campers to show appreciation for each other and air out any ongoing cabin issues. Each cabin went to their respective campsite and discussed their cabin’s accomplishments as well as there own while enjoying some delicious s’mores.

Yesterday was our first Cruiser Day of the summer.  Cruiser Day is a weekly occurrence where each cabin stays together and does activities for the entire day.  These activities can range from normal activities like a cabin game of basketball or soccer to activities that happen once a session like tubing or visiting a resort across the lake.  They can also get creative and take on a theme.  For dinner, cabins will cook out at a camp site on camp property.  Last night we had tin foil surprise which is made by putting hamburger patties, potato, carrot, and onion in tinfoil and cooking it over the fire.  Our Junior Village had an all-Village Cruiser Day where they went to the Wilderness Walk, which is a small zoo and outdoor activity center, and spent an awesome afternoon on the Hayward beach. 

After completing their first week of activities on Monday, the campers began their second week of activities this morning.  This afternoon our Intimidate Village campers had a beach party.  Our evening program tonight was North Star Ball which is similar to capture the flag but uses four big rubber balls instead of a flag. 

Finally, our oldest campers will arrive back at camp from their Canadian trip on Friday evening before our weekly Friday Night Service.  They have been canoeing in Quetico Provincial Park since June 22.