North Star Camp for Boys

Monday, June 19, 2017

Staff Spotlight: Jacob Sosler

Jacob Sosler returns to camp for his sixth summer at camp and first on staff as a CIT. He lives in Highland Park, Illinois and is finishing up his sophomore year at Beacon Academy in Evanston, Illinois near Chicago. At school, Jacob plays on the varsity tennis team, writes for his school’s newspaper and recently participated in his first Model United Nations tournament. At camp, his favorite activities are tennis, disc golf, windsurfing and team sports.

More about Jacob

If you wrote an autobiography, what would the title be?

I never said THAT! 

What TV show or movie are you ashamed to admit that you love?

I’m not necessarily ashamed, but some of my friends think that the excessive amount of football I watch is a little odd. 

Where is your favorite spot at camp?

There’s not a bad place at camp, but the Council Ring is tough to beat.

What is your dream vacation?

My dream vacation would probably be to spend a couple months traveling around Europe, eating food and visiting new places. 

If you had a super hero power, what would it be?

The ability to fly

If you could witness any historical event, what would you want to see?

The Constitutional Convention 

What is your favorite quote from a movie?

“Was it over... when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?” (Animal House) 

What's your favorite restaurant in the Hayward area?

Angler's Haven 

What is your hidden talent?

It’s (hopefully) not hidden, but I consider myself a pretty talented writer. 

 What advice would you give to someone coming to North Star for the first time?

My advice would be to keep an open mind and not be afraid to go outside your comfort zone. Camp provides a unique chance to participate in so many incredible activities and opportunities, so keeping an open mind and not being afraid to try something new will allow you to have the best summer possible. 

Share one notable camp memory:

My favorite camp memory was the Canadian trip during my Pine Manor year. It was an amazing experience full of experiences that I will never, ever forget.