North Star Camp for Boys

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

2017 Staff News

Our staff have been busy since leaving camp a few weeks ago. Read below to see what your favorite staff members from the summer will be up to during the upcoming year!

Ben Meyer - starting his senior year and Windward High School in Los Angeles. At school, Ben is on the tennis team and is involved in the investment club, film club and the psychology club.

Micah Jona - beginning his freshman year at University of Wisconsin - Madison where he is studying computer science and business. At school, Micah is joining Brody’s euchre club and looking forward to becoming a Badger sports fan.

Joe Meyer - will be a senior at Crossroads High School in Los Angeles. Joe is the class president of his student council and is involved in theater and on the swim team.

Mason Lundberg - is finishing up his degree in communications at Illinois State University. Mason keeps busy with his intramurals playing football, softball and basketball. He plans to try to keep with KJ on the basketball courts.

Kyle Turpin - is starting his Master’s Degree at Duke University in Civil and Environmental Engineering with an emphasis on statistical modeling. He is moving to Durham in August and is hoping to continue lifeguarding on the side as well.

Kendall Jordan - KJ is returning to Illinois State where he recently changed his major to finance.

Noah Simon - will be a senior at Walter Payton College Prep in Chicago. Before school starts, Noah is heading west for some college visits including Stanford and Cal. Once at school, Noah will be the captain of the Walter Payton softball team and will be on Model UN, the baseball team and tutoring through the National Honors Society.

Noah Broutman - starting his sophomore year at Ohio State where he is studying Human Resources. At school Noah is on the disc golf club where he hangs with some NSC alumni like Wes Wehrle and Jake Haught.

Matt Sosler - will be a junior at Highland Park High School where he is on the tennis team. Matt is focused on sports broadcasting which he does as both a club and a class. Matt is leaving from camp to go on a family trip to Seattle.

Diego Ferreiro - heading back to Mexico City where he is in his final year of school at Tecnologico de Monterrey studying financial management. Diego has plans to start his own consulting firm.

Spencer Malkin - is starting his freshman year at Arizona State University where he is studying supply chain management. At school, Spencer is in the Honors college and business school.

Charlie Rantala - will be a senior at Francis Parker in Chicago. In addition to some college visits, Charlie will be the co-captain of the basketball team.

Ethan Levy - is beginning his senior year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he is studying philosophy and economics. At school, Ethan is the Sports Editor of the Daily Cardinal school newspaper. Ethan will also be studying for the LSAT with his eye on law school.

Eric Yalowitz - is a junior at the University School of Nashville. At home, Eric will be on the baseball team and participating in Habitat for Humanity.

Thomas Fies - will be a freshman at Washington University in St. Louis where he will be studying business. Thomas plans to continues his water polo career on the club team at school and is going on a pre-orientation backpacking trip in the Ozarks.

Aaron Dinkin - Dink is starting his senior year at Crossroads High School in Los Angeles. At school, Dink is the Editor-in-Chief of Crossfire, the school newspaper. He is also planning college visits around the country and a trip to Lambeau Field. Right after Dink returns home, he will be a counselor at Camp Harmony, a camp for underprivileged youth in LA.

Jake Matyas - is moving to Boulder, Colorado where he will be a junior at Boulder High School. Jake is loaded up with AP classes and will also be joining the Track and Cross Country teams at his new school. Jake is also planning to play some mountain disc golf with Jeff.

Andrew Cohen - will be a junior at Deerfield High School where he plays on the volleyball team and is a member of student council. Andrew will also be playing club volleyball at Chicago Bounce Volleyball club.

Chase Hanson - will return for a few weeks to Owatonna, Minnesota, where he’s going to hit up the Steele County Free Fair. Then it’s back for his senior year at Gustavus Adolphus College where he is completing his degree in History. At school, Chase is the student leader for the History Department student workers.

Josh Lederman - returns to Allentown, Pennsylvania where he is a sophomore at Muhlenberg College. At school Josh is studying business and media/communications. He is involved at Hillel and writes for the Muhlenberg Weekly covering sports.

Jacob Sosler - will be a junior at Beacon Academy in Evanston. At school, Jacob will be on the tennis and basketballs teams. Jacob also participated in the school newspaper.

Ross Krantz - begins his junior year at Hawken High School in Cleveland. At school, Ross is the captain of the Speech and Debate team, as well as a member of the Cross Country and Lacrosse teams. Ross also leads some services at his temple.

Ben Morris - is going to work for the Defense Science and Technology Laboratories doing research in counterterrorism measures in Kent in the United Kingdom. The internship will be towards his degree in Electronic Engineering with Music Technology at the University of York. Before heading home, Ben is travelling the East Coast with stops in Washington DC, Boston and New York.

Christian McKnight - is entering his junior year at Bowling Green State University where he is studying to be a high school math teacher. At school, Christian is a trip leader through the Outdoor Program at school and is leading trips to Alleghany State Park, the UP, and whitewater rafting in Ohiopyle. In the winter, Christian is studying abroad in England.

Josh Dietrich - will continue his adventuring as he looks for a position teaching outdoor education. First it’s home to New York and then to see friends in New Jersey.

Ethan Rane - starts his sophomore year at the University of Illinois where he is working towards a degree in Computer Science and Statistics. At school, Ethan is a member of AEPi and is also involved in the iOS coding club and plays intramural sports.

Nick Farley - is attending West Virginia Tech where he will be wrestling for the Golden Bears. At school, Nick is studying biology.

James Herity - plans to travel all over the US with stops in Chicago, Orlando, Miami, then up the East Coast to New York. After that, it’s home to Ireland where he is a second year at Dublin City University where he is studying actuarial and financial math.

Caroline Gaker - will be finishing up school at Ohio State where she is studying to be a high school science teacher. Caroline will be student teaching this Fall in Columbus as well as prepping for a trip to Antarctica over winter break.

Oliver Borstein - is beginning his junior year at Walter Payton College Prep where he is on the softball, tennis and chess teams. Before school starts, Oliver is visiting his family in Cleveland and he and Ross are going to go to Cedar Point.

Asher Borstein - is starting his freshman year at greatest university in the world, Northwestern University. Asher will be studying Mathematical Methods in Social Sciences. He’s also hoping to continue playing tennis and chess at school.

Dave Murphy - is finishing up his primary school teaching degree at the Mary I College in Limerick, Ireland. He’ll be student teaching this Fall and completing his degree in the Spring. Before heading home, Dave is traveling to LA, San Diego, Vegas and Miami.

Aidan Doyle - is traveling through Chicago before heading home to Ireland where he is starting a job with KPMG. Aidan will be working in the taxation and legal department working on aviation finance.

Adam Hatchard - is returning to Melbourne where he is planning to start studying to become a teacher in the Winter. Prior to then, he’s traveling all around the US and hopefully to Europe in the Fall before starting school.

Erin Armstrong - left camp straight for her sister’s wedding on Mackinac Island. After that, it’s back home to Michigan to recuperate from the summer and make plans for the year ahead.

Reza Sadeghi - returning to Falmouth University in southwestern England where he is studying creative advertising. Before going home, Reza is traveling to Chicago for a week.

Luke Simpson - is spending a little time in Minneapolis before taking a cross country adventure trip from New York to LA over 21 days. From there, it’s home to England where he will finish his law degree from Oxford Brookes University.

Andrew Bell - is going to travel through Chicago, then down to Florida and up the East Coast with some of the other guys from camp. After that, Andrew will be moving in to school at Queens University Belfast where he is studying computer science.

Richelle Poisson - is leaving camp and heading to Denver to road trip back to New York with her friend from growing up. After a few days at home, she’s driving back to DC where she’ll be student teaching at the Lab School of Washington. At the same time, Richelle will be getting her Masters in Special Education and she is the Graduate Assistant for the program.

Chad Prater - returns to the Twin Cities where he is a teacher at Twin Cities German Immersion School. Chad teaches 6th and 7th grade math and is the athletics coordinator at school as well as the coach of the basketball and soccer teams.

Mike Dainis - is going back for his final year of nursing school at the University of New Hampshire. Mike will get to spend a little time at home in Salem, Massachusetts before school starts and will be a groomsman in his aunt’s wedding.

Jordan Bow - is starting his freshman year at Washington University in St. Louis. At school, Jordan will be studying astrophysics. On the side, he is hoping to join an a capella group and play intramural sports.

Connor Sandok - will be a junior at Gustavus Adolphus College where he is studying Biology and Latin on his way to medical school. Connor is on the Cross Country and Track teams at school and will begin training right when he gets back from camp for his season.

Max Goldberg - is beginning his freshman year at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. At college, Max will be studying computer science. He is planning on becoming a member of the choir as well and joining his cousin Holden on the volleyball team.

Kyle Verb - returns to Wolcott School for his junior year. At school, Kyle plays on the volleyball team. Kyle is also a member of the astronomy club.

Jonah Meiselman-Ashen - will be a junior at Francis W. Parker High School where he is in band and several other music classes. Before school starts, JMA is making a family trip to Canada.

Danny Levy - is a senior at Homestead High School where he is in the musical, band and choir. Additionally, he continues to play the piano and performs at recitals. Before school starts, he is taking a trip to South Carolina.

Max Baum - will be a junior at Highland Park High School where he is on the tennis team and is involved in DECA. Max is devoting himself to his schoolwork and studying for the ACT.

Kia Beickert - is heading back to Chicago where she works as a Child Life Specialist. Kia splits her time between private practice and working on the pediatric unit at Lutheran General Hospital, and of course taking care of Diego and Marco.

Miles Goldberg - is a junior at New Trier High School where he does photography.

Michael Yeager - will be a junior at UW-Lacrosse where he is studying Exercise and Sports Science with an emphasis in Fitness. Michael fills his free time playing basketball at the rec center.

Kyle Salz - is heading out to Gig Harbor, Washington where he will be working as a naturalist at YMCA Camp Seymour. Kyle will also be a new graduate of Western Illinois University after his completer his summer internship at North Star Camp.

Will Margulis - will be a junior at Oakland Tech High School where he is in the computer science academy. Will is on the school’s rowing team and is planning to play on the basketball team.

Nathan Margrett - is moving to Lueven, Belgium where he will be an au pair for a family with two boys. Nathan is meeting the family in San Diego first and will then head over to Europe for the year.

Ben Mizel - is heading back to New York where he is immediately going on a trip to the Catskills with his girlfriend. He has additional trips to Block Island and South Salem planned as well and will be looking for a job from there.

Michael Berger - is moving home to Chicago after graduating from American University in the Spring. Berger is looking for a job in the nonprofit sector or whatever you, the person reading this, has to offer.

Alyssa Smith - AK is going camping with her family in Green Lake, Wisconsin. After that AK is going camping in Wyoming with the Hoofers, University of Wisconsin’s outdoor adventure club. Alyssa is spending this year furthering her outdoor resume before applying to graduate school for next year.

Tyler Green - is moving back to Tallahassee, Florida where he works as a chef at a sorority at Florida State University. Additionally, Tyler will be working as a pastry chef at the Governor’s Club of Florida.

Fanni Sereg - is visiting lovely Rochester, MN, and then traveling to New York, Washington D.C. and Niagara Falls. Then she returns to Budapest where she is studying International Business.

Sam Bricker - will be a junior at the University of Illinois where he is studying Economics. At school, Sam will be teaching the Introduction to College class for freshmen in the honors program. Sam also teaches drug and alcohol safety classes and is the pledgemaster for AEPi.

Tara Krantz - is beginning her freshman year at Northwestern University where she is studying environmental sciences. Before school starts, Tara is participating in Project Wildcat which will take her back up the Northwoods for a trip on the Superior Hiking Trail.

Sandy Celaya - will return to Oaxaca where she is studying foreign language at the Universidad Regional del Sureste.

Rudy George Rizo - is going back to Oaxaca where he is studying foreign language at the Universidad Regional del Sureste.

Nuria de Pedro Olivera - is going to travel through Chicago, Boston and New York before heading home to Spain. When she returns home, she will present her final project for her degree in Teaching kids with special needs from the Universidad de Extremadura.

Laura Lo Staley - is returning to Eastern Kentucky University to being her Masters in Recreation. Before school starts, Laura is excited to see her puppies Luna and Hex and her new niece. Then Lo is leading a wilderness yoga trip as part of her program.

Kay Phatlane - is traveling first to Pennsylvania to work at a family camp before heading to Los Angeles. After that, he will head back to Johannesburg, South Africa where he works as a counselor at Camp Sizanani.