North Star Camp for Boys

Sunday, May 20, 2018

2018 Staff Spotlight - Jared Gillett

First year counselor Jared Gillett just finished his freshman year at the University of Wisconsin -  La Crosse. Jared grew up in Marshall, WI, which is just northeast of Madison. While in High School, he was on the track, cross country and wrestling teams. He also was active working with kids, tutoring and working at community events. He also volunteered with Special Olympics.

Running has remained a big hobby of his as he runs almost daily in La Crosse. At UW-L Jared is majoring in biology with the goal of going to Medical School.

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How did you learn about North Star and why did you apply?
- I learned about North Star through my friend Erick, who will also be a new counselor this summer! Becoming a counselor at North Star was a spontaneous decision for me that I knew could create a fun summer. Instead of working inside back at home, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to become a leader and help a group of campers learn about the simpler things in life while teaching them a few lessons along the way. North Star took everything I already enjoyed doing and created the perfect environment to meet new people and create new memories.

If you could be any animal (besides a human), what would you be and why?
- If I had to choose an animal, I would want to be a kiwi. Those little guys just waddle around all day enjoying life and eating food. Their lives seem so simple and they’re one of the cutest birds in existence. Nothing seems better than eating food and taking in the sun.

What is your guilty pleasure tv show(s):
- By far the Planet Earth documentaries. I’ve spent quite a bit of time rewatching the series while being mesmerized by the organisms they capture on film. And on top of that David Attenborough is a wonderful narrator.

What is your dream Job:
- Hands down I would love to become an astronaut. Exploring space and floating in zero gravity would create some amazing memories.

If you could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive, who would they be and why?:
- I would want to  have dinner with Mo Farah, Steve Prefontaine, and John Coltrane. All three of these men have had an incredible impact on my life and I continuously look at them for inspiration. Each has pushed the limits of the human body and mind and are a reminder to continue pushing my own limits.

What is the best Christmas/Hanukkah/holiday present that you've ever gotten:
- I’d say my first pair of cross-country skis. They made for some interesting struggles every time I fell down.

What are/were your favorite subjects in school:
- I’m a big fan of science, I always find myself wondering why or how things work, so I really enjoyed learning about biology, chemistry, and physics. As time continued through high school I loved learning about how molecules interact with one another and how organisms play an important part in our lives. Every day I became more and more curious which lead to more and more questions!

What are your top three movies of all time:
- Star Trek: Into Darkness, The Iron Giant & The Sandlot

What sports teams do you root for:
- I’m not really into the typical sports, but since I was born in Wisconsin I obviously have to say the Packers and the Badgers. Otherwise I usually end up watching tack races or marathons. Anytime a big college or professional race is happening I’m there watching it.

What noteworthy/random/menial jobs have you held?
- I worked with a small group of elementary students for 2 years and tutored them in various academics. Along with the group, I worked one on one and helped an individual become more focused and engaged in the classroom.

What did you do last summer?
- I spent last summer finish up my third year working at Woodman’s Food Market. When I wasn’t working I was outside either running or hanging out with my friends. We went on a few road trips and visited a few parks like Devil’s Lake just to go hiking. Some of my favorite memories came from listening to the Madison Symphony Orchestra every Wednesday outside the capitol. Every Wednesday they would perform for free and all you needed was a blanket and food.