North Star Camp for Boys

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Bring on the Campers!

The staff have been working extremely hard this pre-camp to prepare for campers to arrive tomorrow! The docks are in the water, the VICtory Fieldhouse is ready for basketball games, the Arm & Hammer is stocked with supplies, and of course, hands are being washed and surfaces are being cleaned more times per day than we can count. Wearing masks when entering buildings has become second nature, and staff are enjoying eating meals outside under the sun. Currently, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at camp, and that’s exactly how we want to keep it!

Throughout pre-camp, there were daily discussions about how we are going to keep every member of our North Star family safe this summer. We have multiple tubs and squirt bottles of hand sanitizer scattered all over the property, which makes it easy to sanitize in and out of every meal and activity. The staff have been quarantining in pods to lower the spread of germs, and we have some really fun plans brewing for how we’re going to make the cabin quarantine period exciting for the kids. With a fun mask and a positive attitude, your camper is ready to have the time of his life this summer – you can leave the rest to us! 

Although Arrival Day will look drastically different this year, we can guarantee a level of excitement that will be unlike any other Arrival Day. Whether your camper is riding in one of our vans or being dropped off at North Star, your son’s counselors can’t wait to welcome him with big smiles and even bigger hugs. Bring on the campers…is it Monday yet?