North Star Camp for Boys

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Cruiser Day #2

Today was our second Cruiser Day, and since we are now in pods by village, the senior village was able to go together to the Lake Superior beach in Cornucopia. There they grilled out dinner, swam, played football and frisbee, and just enjoyed each other's company. The day started with some rain, but it parted in time for the beach day to be a huge success. The J-Village and the I-Village each got their own time to play basketball and ping pong in the Fieldhouse. Cabins could also come through the Arm & Hammer, our arts & crafts space, to paint the white walls from the renovation this past year. Some chose to write their names, others chose to put up their hand print, and some used the brushes to paint animals and scenery. 

One fun opportunity of the day was for the boys to make ice cream. We provided the cabin groups with the ingredients they needed to make their own ice cream, and the boys worked together to pull it off. First, the campers took turns pouring the ingredients into gallon-sized bags, then they filled separate bags with ice and salt to help harden the ice cream, and then they each had the chance to shake the bag until it was ready to serve. We put out chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles as toppings, which served as the final touch to a sweet treat. Apparently, the ice cream “needed a little more sugar,” according to some of our J- campers...why are we not surprised?

Yoga was also offered as an indoor activity today, which some younger cabins took advantage of this morning. These boys participated for their very first time today and told the instructors how surprised they were by how relaxed they felt throughout the hour. Even Leo, a camp dog, joined in towards the end. This session was led by two of our health staff and office staff members, which allowed for them to continue connecting with the boys. Some of our other cabins have been participating in yoga, meditation and mindfulness and have done so with rave reviews. We plan to offer yoga more throughout the’s been a fan favorite recently! 

Cruiser Day finishes each week with our cookout dinners by cabin. Tonight’s dinner was walking tacos, where you basically add taco ingredients into a fritos bag. Dessert was campfire cones where you melt marshmallows, chocolate chips and M&Ms into an ice cream cone and enjoy the gooey deliciousness that ensues. 

Tomorrow kicks off our United Nations Days! The anticipation is very high and we are looking forward to all of the fun.