North Star Camp for Boys

Friday, July 10, 2020

Perseverance is Key

Today, we were lucky to have our best weather yet! The sun was shining with a nice breeze which made all the difference for those who were running around on the ball field or playing tennis under the sun. The heat wave finally seems to be over, which means we have less humidity and temperatures are more comfortable for sleeping at night. And there are still no suspected cases of Covid-19 at camp. 

If the cabin groups sign up for water activities during normal periods or challenge games, we ask that they choose an activity on land for organized free to give water time to other cabins. Yoga was just added to the list of activities offered, so some of our Senior boys enjoyed a session with a certified yoga instructor. They did both balance and stretching poses in the grass by the lake. Most of the campers were only familiar with a few poses, and most were shocked by how difficult yoga can truly be.

The Friday Night Service theme for tonight was Perseverance and Grit. As there are in all Friday Night Services, we had musical pieces, call and response readings, the Kiddush, a sermonette, and the Keylog Ceremony. The sermonette was presented by Ross Krantz, one of our veteran counselors, who chose tonight’s theme. He spoke about the passing of his father, a former North Star camper counselor and village director. He shared about his decision to come to camp the following summer, still camper-age at that time, and how coming back to camp made him feel that much more connected to this place and his dad. He taught us all that when our friends need an extra hand, it is important to be present, show up for your loved ones, and never forget what they’ve been through. 

The Keylog Ceremony gives the boys the opportunity to share their gratitude for the people who made this past week special. Some campers threw keylogs in for their parents, some for their counselors, some for the kitchen staff, some for their new friends, and some for camp running in general. It’s always touching to see what a positive impact this camp community has on our boys, especially this year when so much is different from what returning campers are used to. 

A staff member played Taps on the trumpet to end the night before the boys headed back to their cabins to clean up for bed. It’s so important that we still find ways to keep up with traditions like Friday Night Services this summer, even in strict quarantine pods, as they help the campers to reflect and reset for the coming week. We are so close to the end of our 14-day stretch, and are so proud of the boys for their teamwork and perseverance through this initial quarantine period.

Today’s Grace:
“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Be seated.