North Star Camp for Boys

Friday, August 7, 2020

Final Friday Night Service

 It’s hard to believe that tonight was the last Friday Night Service of the summer. The theme for this evening was “Character,” led by Wyatt Zirlin, who read the call-and-response statements, quotes, and passages related to building character. To give you a glimpse, the Service started out with the following reading: 

Have you ever watched a tree swaying in a storm? A tree that stands rigidly will never win a battle against the wind. Trees that bend with the wind are those that survive. Like a tree, you can bend and sway as life batters and blasts you, then bounce back again, supported by your strong, deep roots. When you’re resilient and you have grit, you can survive almost anything: being hurt, frustrated, let down, losing friends, making mistakes, and much more. Remember the image of a tree in the storm. You can learn a lot from nature. Let’s let nature’s simple wisdom help us live our true nature. 


Our incredible I-Village Director, Micah Jona, gave the sermonette for the evening, and talked about how camp has helped him build character through the connections he’s made and the responsibility he’s earned. He discussed the sacrifices we’ve all had to make this summer to keep North Star Covid-free, and how hard some days were when he felt like he was constantly reminding his friends to wear their masks. Even through these difficulties, he understood that holding his peers accountable for the benefit of the community is where his true character formed and shined through. We know our boys each grew in their own ways this summer, and thanks to the incredible leadership of our staff, the campers were able to learn how to help their peers in times of need, take educated risks, take ownership over their mistakes, and take time to reflect. 


After Services, campers enjoyed the formal Opening Ceremony to North Star Games on the ball field, where each team gathered before fireworks shot off on the opposite end. Earlier today, teams competed against one another in specific water games during fourth period. First, there was the innertube race, where the campers had to sit in a tube and use their hands and feet to paddle themselves to the other end of the dock. Next, the senior campers competed against one another in a very intense game of water polo, where the first goal scored of each game was crowned the winner. Tomorrow is the official day for North Star Games, which we will all wake up 30 minutes earlier for to get the activities rolling for the day. 


Today’s Grace:

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

-Joseph Campbell


Be seated.