North Star Camp for Boys

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Cruiser Day

Today marks our first Cruiser Day of summer 2021! Cruiser Day is a cabin day that typically takes place every Tuesday. Cruiser Days, which are almost like our weekend at camp, begin with a late wake-up with donuts, fruit, and cereal for breakfast. All activities for the day are structured within each cabin and some are a bit wackier than usual (more on that later). This Cruiser Day was also a Junior Village Cruiser Day, meaning our J-Village staff planned an incredible day of activities for “High School Day.” The staff divided the village into four high schools: Mercer Island High School, Deerfield High School, Bexley High School, and Mascoutah High School. Our junior campers got in the spirit of things by painting their high school’s colors across their faces, slogans painted on their stomachs, or goofy faces painted by friends on their backs. Mercer Island won a flag football tournament that thrilled the whole village. Other events included gaga ball, curtain ball, beach flags, and poster drawing competitions. Ultimately, Deerfield High School came away with the win on a day that ended for them with ice cream.

Our other villages were not without their share of wacky fun. Multiple cabins went tubing and others slid down the hill by the athletic fields on a slip-and-slide. Our fantastic staff took a pontoon boat out in the lake and we had cabins canoe out to get snacks and candy, others made mini pizzas on Tom’s Terrace, and S-2 had the privilege of participating in a spaghetti scavenger hunt. What is a spaghetti scavenger hunt? A plate of cold spaghetti with mini m&ms, dried cranberries, gummy bears, Charleston Chews, and more. If your camper has ever wanted to live out the spaghetti scene from Elf, North Star Camp is the place for them.

For dinners on Cruiser Day, every cabin cooks out their dinner over a campfire. We ended our first Cruiser Day with Tin Foil Surprise at our cabin cookouts. Each cabin gets potatoes, vegetables, hamburgers, cheese to wrap up in tinfoil and cook over the fire. Campers enjoy making funky shapes out of their tinfoil bundles and having the responsibility of making their own meal. The result is a delicious stew that is a classic favorite meal.

We return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow with our next set of 3-day activities!