North Star Camp for Boys

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Second Full Day of Camp!

Our second full day of the first session was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for getting into our first day of activities and Intermediate and Junior Village swim tests! We also began the day with our first round of Covid testing at camp, so before breakfast our boys lined up and drooled into vials like they did leading up to camp. We’re looking forward to getting the results back late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Even though the day started out a bit chilly, by 10:30 the sun was out and made it the perfect weather to jump into the lake for swim tests. Our cabin groups also found time for riflery, throwing the frisbee, games of 500 and stand-up paddle boarding. Our J2 campers spent first period climbing with staff members Ari and Red at the climbing wall. Each time one of the campers reached the top, the staff would call out, “Where is the party at?” and without fail the boys would yell back, “It’s at the top of the wall!” They all had big grins on their faces as they looked back down. 

 We were so proud of all of the campers as they took their swim tests today. Swimming in a lake is always a little different than swimming in a pool but many of our campers pushed through their nerves to succeed.  

Perhaps the most thrilling moments of the day, however, happened right in front of the Lodge after lunch. A snapping turtle ambled through camp to stir up some fanfare. The turtle, affectionately named Titanium, was escorted to North Lake a few miles from camp.

We ended the day on a high note with our first Wanegan of the session and Staff Talent Show. Wanegan is the Ojibwe word for “store.” At camp, we have a Wanegan King who helps oversee the passing out of candy each week. Tonight, our new Wanegan King wore an inflatable shark costume as he defeated all of the surrounding counselors in a mock battle for the throne. After our sweet treats, all campers and staff watched some great skits and musical talent during the Staff Talent Show. It was a great way for the kids to cheer on their counselors and meet the rest of the staff as we continue to get into our groove.