North Star Camp for Boys

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Wet & Wild Cruiser Day

Happy Cruiser Day from the Northwoods! As we mentioned last week, each Tuesday here is a bit different from the rest of the week and serves as a cabin day. But once per session, each village has a Village Cruiser Day. Today was the Intermediate Village. These days are so special because they allow the whole village to spend a full day together. The Intermediate Village (also known as “The Ridge”) was able to do things they would not normally do at camp and make incredible memories along the way. Despite a not-so sunny day, The Ridge kicked off the morning with a full water balloon fight on the athletic fields. Whether it was the rain or the water balloons, or the buckets of water that followed the water balloons, everyone was soaked by the end!

Next, everyone attended the first ever intermediate village carnival. The carnival had a bouncy castle, snow cone and popcorn machines, carnival games, and a dunk tank. Many of the campers particularly enjoyed making their counselors fall in at the dunk tank. The campers also had so much fun eating lots of sweets and winning lots of prizes made up of candy and small toys. We finished out the carnival with musical chairs and Bingo.

Finally, we ended the day with pizza from Coop’s Pizza in Hayward and a full scale all village dance party. Between glow sticks and costumes, the dance party had it all. That includes music too. The village danced to Tiktok songs and “Don’t Stop Believing” alike. Campers and counselors had so much fun today making amazing memories today. Their remarkable attitudes and wonderful enthusiasm made the whole day what it was.

While we say “It Never Rains at North Star,” the precipitation fell throughout the day. What it revealed was that the enthusiasm and the positivity of our amazing staff can bring fun and excitement to any situation. These guys are incredible role models for our boys, and teach them so much each day.