North Star Camp for Boys

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Cruiser Day

From singing and cheering to water-balloon archery, slime-making to mini pizzas and walking tacos, the second cruiser day of the session gave campers endless reasons to smile, laugh, and have fun. As part of the Senior Village embarked on their camping trips, the rest of the Seniors and the Juniors got to do their favorite activities as a cabin. After sleeping in and waking up to fresh donuts, cabins got to go climbing, disc-golfing, paddleboarding, and playing tons of fun games. In addition to the weekly cruiser day events of tubing and Musky Fun, today’s special cruiser day activities included water-balloon archery, the Slip N’ Slide, and preparing homemade mini pizzas. For dinner, the cookout was a camp favorite: walking tacos. The campers get to cook taco meat over the fire and build a taco inside a bag of chips. Even though this cruiser day continued the tradition of rain on cruiser day with just a bit of drizzle (although it never rains at North Star), the campers still persevered in paddling canoes to Musky Fun, playing sports with their cabinmates, and building fires from damp wood.

Today was the Intermediate Village cruiser day, and their awesome staff created a super fun new all-day game. The Intermediates could be heard all around camp having tons of fun on American Armed Forces Day for their village cruiser day. The Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Navy, and Space Force faced off in a variety of special activities from softball to team skits, and of course no village cruiser day would be complete without Coop’s Pizza for dinner. All day, cheering, singing, and laughter rang around camp from wherever the Ridge was playing. While the Marine Corps took home the first place trophy, this day will go down in history as a legendary Intermediate Village cruiser day.

We closed off the day with our weekly staff meeting where we reflected on an incredible week and talked about continuing to make camp as safe and fun as possible. Looking ahead, the staff cannot wait for the coming week as some of our special events are set to begin. After diving into the beginning of the session, the campers and staff are continuing to make more and deeper friendships, try new activities and improve at others, and grow socially and emotionally while having tons of fun. Tomorrow begins our next set of activities and a week of surprises…