North Star Camp for Boys

Thursday, April 8, 2010

March Madness Recap

A quick note thanking everyone for their participation in the 2010 edition of March Madness. We easily broke our goal of 100 entries, with over 140... that is if we count the few people who forgot to enter their picks.

Nine people correctly picked Duke winning it all, while, like the rest of the country, Kansas and Kentucky were much more popular choices. Leb made a late push and finished in the top ten as he was amongst those who choose Duke (Leb's alma mater) winning it all.

This year's winner is Alex Sharrin. Alex is one of our counselors, and amongst the other things that he instructs, he is on the basketball project. In this year of basketball insanity, he correctly choose three of the final four entrants (his only misstep was choosing Syracuse coming out of the West). Congrats Alex!

Also, thanks to those you who who also participated in Camp For All Kids' March Madness, which helped raise money for the scholarship fund.