North Star Camp for Boys

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Staff Update

As the calendar turns to April 1st, it becomes clear that camp is just around the corner. Leb and Sue typically head up to North Star in the first week or so of May, so that leaves us just over a month before our office relocates to Hayward. We're in full staffing mode right now, but to be honest, we're at the tail end of our hiring season.

There have been years when we headed into April needing a dozen or more counselors, a few trip leaders as well as kitchen and maintenance staff. As of the writing of this blog entry, we're looking for one or two counselors, two trip leaders, and a few support staff. The quality of applicants that we've seen this off season has been tremendous which bodes well for another great summer.

Andy and I spent most of the month of February on the road and a big part of those travels was to college campuses across the Midwest. Our visits (in order) included Michigan State University, Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse, University of Illinois, Indiana University and Purdue University. We will have guys on our staff from each of these schools! As we looked down the list of our new staff we are able to say that we have met every new counselor on face to face, or hired them through an International agency, whose hiring process requires an in-person interview.

Since there won't be a new Siren for a few weeks, here is an update of staff that have been hired since the last newsletter. We'll have more details about them in the May Siren.

Returning Staff: Junior Counselor Michael Eichner, Trip Leader Caleb Klima, and returning after absences of a few years, Senior Counselors Charles Eisner (Univ of AZ) and Joe Goldberg (Brown University).

New Staff: Senior Counselors Thomas Anderson (United Kingdom), Paul Doher (Mich State), Timothy Edwards (United Kingdom), Scott Fortune (Purdue), Jared Gray (New Zealand), Richard Roberts (Australia), Malcolm Russell (United Kingdom), Brant Schrage (Univ of IL), John Sheehan (Univ of IL), and Ben Shoesmith (New Zealand).

Leb, Sue, Andy and I know how important it is to put together the best staff possible. These are the guys on the front line, dedicating their summer to being role models and giving our campers an amazing experience.