North Star Camp for Boys

Sunday, June 12, 2011

6/12/11 Pre-pre Camp Picture of the Day

And away we go!

Tonight marks the official start of our pre-camp training week. The rest of our new staff arrived today as did all of our CITs. Training began with dinner and the first major lesson for our new staff was to teach some of them the horsengoggle. This is North Star's way of equitably dealing with extra desserts, amongst other things.

In the picture you can see Leb taking our new staff on their official tour of camp. While some have been here for upwards of a week the tour with Leb is a great way for them to both see all of camp but also learn about some of the history of this place.

Tomorrow the rest of our returning staff members will arrive (with the exception of a couple of stragglers). Our JCs always add a lot of energy to the staff and pre-camp.

The quiet of our off season is officially over!