North Star Camp for Boys

Saturday, June 11, 2011

6/11/11 Pre-pre Camp Picture of the Day

In Wisconsin, if you don't like the weather, just wait a few hours.

Over the past week we've experienced quite the temperature roller coaster. Like many of you, we had unseasonably hot days Monday and Tuesday, with temps into the 90's. We were remarking at that time how unusual it was for it to be that hot and that most pre-pre camps we'd have a fire going in the lodge fire place and hot cocoa for our staff. Well, two days later, we had a fire going in the lodge fire place and hot cocoa for our staff.

Timing, of course, had a little fun with us. The drop in temps was coincidentally timed with the start of our life guarding course and the set-up of our swim point (which required people to get in the water for our dock placement). Some strategic planning by our life guard instructor Mandy made it all work out perfectly, however. All of our life guards did their swim this afternoon when the sun was out and temps had again reached the upper 60's. Tomorrow it supposed to be even warmer.

Hopefully today's picture captures the perfect early June Northwoods evening. Brewer's Bay is like glass and the setting sun has illuminated swim point, which is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the aqua launch. Things get even busier tomorrow when the rest of our new staff as well as our CITs arrive. Then Monday we welcome our returning staff.