North Star Camp for Boys

Monday, October 3, 2011

Buried Treasure on the Athletic Fields?

There have been many Cruiser Days over the years that have been built on the premise that there is buried treasure somewhere around camp. Typically the treasure turns out to be candy, and despite being buried for hundreds of years, it is still freshly sealed in a Walmart bag. So if we told you that we found some buried treasure in the middle of the athletic field, you would surely think we were pulling your leg. Right?

Not this time.

We have some treasure hunters in the area who like to come to camp and either use metal detectors or go Scuba Diving around the shore to see if they can find any treasure. In the past, they have turned up coins and old artifacts, and even a wedding ring. They struck gold again, quite literally this time. 

Buried nearly a foot deep under the athletic field, they located a gold bracelet with the initials B.E.C. engraved on the front of the plate. On the back, the inscription reads "Love Now & Always, Gran & Gramps, 9/24/86."

Now we need your help finding the owner of the bracelet. The treasure hunters are having the bracelet cleaned and polished, and they actually work with a TV show that documents cases like this where they are able to return lost items to their rightful owner. Please share this with all your fellow alumni so that we can find out who "B.E.C." might be and return the bracelet. And it may even end up on TV!