North Star Camp for Boys

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Staff Spotlight: Jeff McCormack

Over the coming weeks, we are going to take some time to introduce you to all of the great staff members who are going to make the summer of 2012 so great. It goes without saying that everyone from our counselors to our kitchen staff are instrumental in creating a successful summer. We start our staff spotlight with the Big Dog, Jeff McCormack

The Big Dog, Jeff McCormack, North Star's CIT Director
Sometimes things don't go as planned, and it was a situation like that that landed Jeff at North Star. Jeff's grandparents ran Pine Crest, a resort that was on Spider Lake, and Jeff used to hang out there during the summer. He was spending one of his summers there when one of our Israeli counselors had to leave camp because of family issues and one of our counselors, Jon Biedermann suggested to Leb that we see if Jeff was interested in filling in. Well, Jeff has done much more than that, as this upcoming summer will be his 17th at North Star.

At camp, Jeff now serves as the director of our Counselor in Training program. He started out as a cabin counselor and fishing instructor and over the years rose up the NSC ranks, working first as a Village Director and now as our CIT Director. He also brought one of his passions to camp, disc golf. Jeff suggested the idea to Leb and what started out a a few disc golf baskets and a collection of discs has grown to a disc golf course that goes throughout much of camp and is one of the most popular activities at North Star.

During the rest of the year, Jeff resides in Westminster, Co with his wife, Kim and their son, Lake, both of whom also come to camp. We'll profile them later on. Jeff is a special education teacher and . Some other (not so) little known facts about Jeff... he played college football at Western St. in Gunnison, CO and he used to wow everyone during staff shows with his ability to crush a full, unopened can of soda.

We're thrilled to have Jeff back and we know that our CITs are as well!