North Star Camp for Boys

Monday, May 13, 2013

Staff Spotlight - Kacy Lebby

Kacy Lebby has been spending the last four months living in Guatemala and volunteering for Quetzaltrekkers where she was able to hike to some beautiful places while raising money for a local school and a children's home. Once she's done there, she be heading straight to the north woods. Kacy returns as our Trip Director.

Kacy was a camper at Camp Thundebird in Minnesota and worked as a wilderness trip leader there. Amongst the trips she led was their Pacific Northwest trip. She's also been a canoeing and backpacking guide for Outward Bound. Kacy is a graduate of Puget Sound University in Tacoma, Washington and next year she'll be going to graduate school for an Elementary and Environmental Education Masters program in Seattle, Washington called Islandwood.

More About Kacy

Favorite tombstone pizza: pepperoni

Favorite activity I don't instruct: fishing

Three favorite movies of all time: High Fidelity, Amelie and She's the Man 

Preferred wanigan offering: twix

Best evening program: Friday night service

Favorite cartoon character: Mulan

Favorite camp card game: Farkle or yaniv (new game alert!)

If you could have lunch with two people living or dead: Robert "leb" Lebby age 23 and Sue Lebby age 23.

Dream job: National geographic photographer

Little known fact: My favorite pie at Norske nook is raspberry sour cream and my birthday is June 9th... Wink, wink.

Don't mess with Kacy!