North Star Camp for Boys

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Staff Spotlight - Nick Kasle

Nick in one of his signature basketball jerseys
Nick Kasle returns for his eight summer and we're not sure if he's better known for his extensive wardrobe of basketball jerseys or unique sense of humor. Hailing from River Hills, WI, he just completed his freshman year at High Point University in North Carolina. Recently Nick learned racquetball and believes that we should get a court at camp.

Nick is going to Spain in May for a month. He'll be learning Spanish and flamenco dancing there. He still plays a lot of FIFA with Oliver Rockman and and claims to always be victorious. We're waiting for comment from Oliver. At camp Nick will be instructing Arts and Crafts as well as waterskiing.

More About Nick

Favorite Tombstone pizza type: Peperoni

Favorite project at camp (that you don’t necessarily instruct): Water skiing, Arts and Crafts, Swimming, Fitness Training

Your three favorite movies of all time: Inception, Dark Knight, Space Jam

Preferred wanegan offering: Skittles

Best evening program at camp: Organized Free

Favorite cartoon character: Batman

Favorite camp (card) game: Euchre

If you could have lunch with any two people, dead or alive, who would they be?: Laney Shlensky and Summer McCormack
- Editor's note: We will be able to make Nick's lunch come true...and it looks like we have a new baby sitter!

What is your dream job: Trophy husband
- Editor's note: hopefully not for Laney Shlensky or Summer McCormack

A little known fact about yourself: Got third place in a competition where you had to balance a spoon on your nose.