North Star Camp for Boys

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Staff Spotlight: Michael Yeager

Michael Yeager was born in Green Bay, WI and currently is going to school at UW- La Crosse studying exercise and sports science with an emphasis in fitness. Michael decided to pursue this degree because he has a love for sports and want to spread that passion to others.

More about Michael

How did you learn about North Star and why did you apply?

I learned about North Star through applying to Camp Menominee and being referred to North Star from them. I decided to apply to North Star for a few reasons, the first being that I was looking for a camp counselor position and North Star seemed like a great camp. The second was I was looking for a camp that was athletic based, I realized that North Star wasn’t centrally based around athletics but certain activities did. I wanted to instruct athletic activities to younger generations and pass on my love for sports.

If you wrote an autobiography, what would the title be?

If I wrote an autobiography the title would be: The Untold, True Story of Michael Yeager

If you could witness any historical event, what would you want to see?

If I could witness any historical event I would want to see the building of the Pyramids in Egypt. I have always been amazed at the fact that they built those pyramids by hand, with no machinery.  

What is your dream vacation:

My dream vacation would be backpacking through Europe. I have always wanted to see various countries in Europe such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Germany. I have traveled in the United State and the Caribbean, but never “across the pond”.  

If you had a super hero power, what would it be:

If I had a super hero power it would either be to teleport or read people’s minds.  

What noteworthy/random/menial jobs have you held?

A random job that I have held would be I worked at Topper’s Pizza as an “insider” as they called it. I made the pizza’s and worked the till taking and giving out the orders. 

What TV show or movie are you ashamed to admit that you love?

One TV show that I could watch over and over again is How I Met Your Mother. 

What did you do last summer?

Last summer I went back to Green Bay and worked as a busser at this restaurant called Margarita’s. Also I hung out with friends and family, made great memories, and had a relaxing break from school. 

What is a little Known fact about yourself:

One little known about myself is that I can’t sleep with socks on.

What, if any previous camp/outdoor experiences have you had?

I have never worked at a camp before this, but when I was younger I attended Camp Yu-Nah-Li- Ya for 7 years. Many of the years I attended I stayed at camp and did the activities there, yet one of the years I went on a three day canoe trip. Additionally I have had many outdoor experiences, I have gone on two canoe trips with my father, multiple camping trips with my family, and I enjoy being outside in nature as much as I can.