North Star Camp for Boys

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Week Two: Full Speed Ahead!

We are now more than halfway into first session of the summer of 2017! Since our last blog update a lot of great things have gone on at camp. We've had a few more days of activities, and yesterday we started the first day of the second week of sign-ups. Campers have now had the opportunity to try new activities as well as sign up for higher levels in the areas where they have improved. While the weather has not been ideal over the last few days, campers and staff have done an amazing job at keeping spirits high.

Tuesday was our first cruiser day of the summer. Cruiser day is a departure from our regular schedule and is a day the boys spend with their cabins. Cabins decide their schedule as a group. Many of the everyday camp options are available to the group, with the addition of a few activities that are only offered on cruiser day. Cabins have the opportunity to go tubing on the lake, head to a resort across the lake to buy some pizza or candy and hang out and even cook a small snack as a cabin. This week the food offering was mini-pizzas, which looked and smelled delicious. Cruiser day ends with a cabin cook-out. This week we made tinfoil surprise. Tinfoil surprise is a great meal that is made with beef patties and veggies and then cooked in tinfoil over the fire. Desert was S'mores which was a tasty end to the day.

The Junior Village had a village cruiser day. They spent their morning in various rotations throughout camp such as an obstacle course and spelling out their cabin names as a group for a picture. In the afternoon they headed into Hayward and the K.O.A. park, where they enjoyed a waterpark, mini-golf, a bouncy pillow and snacks. They made their tinfoil surprise at Hayward Beach where they also threw a few balls around. The Juniors were treated to Ice Cream for desert from West's Hayward Dairy, the best ice cream in town.

Yesterday was quite rainy, but we made the most of it with some great rainy day programs. We had a camp cooking class which was taught by a few of our fantastic kitchen staff, board and card games going in the lodge and the fieldhouse open for those who wanted to run around. We spent evening program in Mike Hall for a skit show. Each cabin had time to brainstorm a skit to put on in front of the rest of camp, and a few staff members provided commentary in the form of live-tweeting (on paper) the event. The show displayed the humor and enthusiasm of the boys and allowed them to come up with a skit with the other boys in their cabin!

The Canadian trip will return Friday evening, and the hiking trips of S4 and S2 are due back on Friday as well. Cabin I6 left on their Brule this morning and will return on Sunday. Tonight's evening program is a Green-White series and tomorrow we will have our second Friday Night Service of the summer.