North Star Camp for Boys

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

A Typical Day

Today was the first typical day of second session, where the boys get to choose much of their schedule for themselves. On a normal day, we have five periods between breakfast and dinner. The first three periods are our instructional periods, which the boys sign up for on a weekly basis. They choose six electives for the week and take each of them for three consecutive days, for one hour and fifteen minutes each day.
The fifth period most days is our Organized Free period, which is an opportunity for the boys to choose an activity that they want to do just for that day. They can also use that time to rest, read, shower, or just hang with friends. The 4th period is the one period that the boys don’t have individual choice, as that typically rotates between Challenge Games, Village Activities, and Green-White competitions. This all puts together a schedule for each child that has a great deal of structure, but also a great deal of choice within that structure.

The idea here is that every boy can explore his own interests. Different kids will gravitate towards different activities, with a wide array of activities providing myriad opportunities for our boys to find success. And the hope is that this will also give the boys the freedom to have their favorite activities evolve through the years as they evolve as people. By summer’s end, you’ll hear stories of so many activities that your son has tried throughout the course of the summer, with each providing a chance to learn a new skill and a chance to learn more about themselves.

Tonight’s evening program was Karaoke Night, where our staff introduced themselves by singing and performing. While a subset of the group demonstrated some real musical talent, the majority of the staff showed off that they bring energy that makes each day at camp fun and makes us all smile.

Our first trips of the summer leave tomorrow, with S-1 and S-5 headed out on their respective adventures!

Today’s Grace:
“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members..”
- Coretta Scott King