North Star Camp for Boys

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

First Cruiser Day of 2nd Session

Today was our first Cruiser Day of 2nd session. Cruiser Day, which typically takes place every Tuesday, is a cabin based day where the campers work together to choose their activities for the day. In some ways, Cruiser Days are like our weekend at North Star because the schedule is different from the other days. Cruiser days start with a slower wakeup and we have donuts, fruit and cereal for breakfast. Then the cabins do a big cabin cleanup before heading out to a day full of fun.

Cabins can choose from the regular list of activities, or they can do some things that are out of the ordinary at camp like tubing, Musky fun, slip and sliding, or a cooking activity like making Oreo Balls. These opportunities for silly fun make Cruiser Days extra special, and the water-based activities had a particularly strong draw today because of the heat.

For dinners on Cruiser Day, every cabin cooks out their dinner over a campfire. We ended our first Cruiser Day with Tin Foil Surprise at our cabin cookouts. Each cabin gets potatoes, vegetables, hamburgers, cheese to wrap up in tinfoil and cook over the fire. Campers enjoy making funky shapes out of their tinfoil bundles and having the responsibility of making their own meal. The result is a delicious stew that is a classic favorite meal.

This Cruiser Day was also a Junior Village Cruiser Day, meaning our J-Village staff planned an incredible day of activities for “High School Day.” The staff divided the village into four high schools for a day of fun and silly competitions. Our junior campers got in the spirit of things by painting their high school’s colors across their faces, chests and backs. They wrote cheers and songs, played Counselor Ball (basically a big game of keep away), jumped over pizza boxes, played some football, had a trivia competition, swam and more before ending the day with ice cream.

Cruiser Days are also when we take the time to meet as an entire staff in the evenings after the campers are fast asleep. At our staff meetings, we review all things going well and that need improvement as well. We talk about the week behind and the week to come. Staff give each other where they’ve noticed a job well done. We discuss individual campers and how to best support them. We talk about how to get the most out of our program. And we finish off with a raffle for prizes and a delicious staff snack to appreciate our incredible staff who are working so hard to take great care of the boys.

Tomorrow will begin our regular program with the activities that the boys chose on the first night. More on that tomorrow!

Today’s Grace:
“I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination."
- Jimmy Dean